Yes, Murdoc ran the Boston Marathon again this year. Yes, he was there when the bombs went off. But he was a couple of blocks away and he, his family, and everyone he knows that was there was fine.


  1. Good to hear you’re OK. Kinda weird, but you were the first person I thought of when I heard about the bombs.

  2. Thanks, guys. We heard them go off and I was looking for smoke, wondering if they were celebratory cannon (which I hadn’t remembered from previous years) or what. They were more pops than booms and the sound was echoing off all the buildings so I wasn’t even sure what direction the first one came from.

    Then a bunch of people were running our way in blind panic yelling “they’re shooting!” and I was turning to my wife to say “this doesn’t look too good” when a TIDAL WAVE OF PEOPLE came at us. I didn’t hear any shooting or see anyone that was hurt, but we had to run just to avoid getting run under.

    We were separated from my teenaged daughter and her friend for a few minutes, which was the scariest part. We ended up in a restaurant watching the TV for hours before we decided to try to get back to our car. Our hotel was well out of town, but it took a while to get out.

  3. I was wondering if you were there. Did you finish the race?

    How’s it feel having had jihadis try to kill you? Not in the abstract, “they all want to kill us” sense, but in the real, “they are detonating bombs on the next block” sense?

    Puts a little more immediacy on the “World War IV” tags for posts, yes?

  4. Yeah I had been finished for quite a while. Was headed back to the finish area to meet up with a buddy who had just finished when they went off.

    I’m curious to see how strong the ties and links are between these losers and organized terrorism. They strike me as wannabes.

    Still dangerous, still jihadi-ish, and still needing some extra holes applied.

    1. At first blush, with the Chechen/Dagestan connection, I wondered if they might have been trained by Iranians. But no they’re looking more and more like local wannabes.

      Glad you’re safe.

      1. If you want to pick a culprit, start with OUR insane immigration laws that were radically changed in 1965 and after. Prior to that we made an effort to preserve the historic population of this nation. Now the door is wide open and we are hopelessly on our way to becoming the Brazil of the North.

        No it wasn’t Iran. This one, like 9-11, was essentially self-inflicted. Had the Immigration Act of 1924 still been in place, the 9-11 guys and these Chechens would probably never have been granted access here. Or at the very least they (the Saudis) would have been booted once their temporary visas expired.

        1. 11B,

          Well it gets better. Having married a furriner, I assure you that trying to go through the permanent residency process in a right and proper manner is a titanic pain in the ass. They treat you like garbage, have zero empathy, and the fees involved are non-trivial sums (never mind thousands to pay immigration lawyers to help navigate the process, if you had the resources to do that, which we did not). We were completely on our own to navigate a massive federal bureaucracy.

          We have only half-joked that it would have been easier on everyone if she had gone back to her native land when her student visa expired, turned around and flown to Mexico, and snuck back into the US illegally.

          After all the hoops we’ve had to jump through for her to be a permanent resident (we’re not even talking citizenship here, just the right to work and travel), we don’t have a sense of humor about amnesty. Get at the end of the f*cking line like we had to and wait your goddamn turn.

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