Friday Linkzookery – 30 Aug 2013

First Linkzookery in quite some time:

JLTV Prototypes Begin Testing
66 prototypes, 22 each of three contenders, begin two year testing to win contract as Humvee replacement.

Guard leader, lawmakers decry tank disparity
National Guard leader says the Guard should have the same tanks the active Army has.

Can you really be liable for texting a driver?
Murdoc says no.

Workers set to strike fast food restaurants for higher wages
Murdoc’s teenage son is looking for an entry-level part-time job. He’ll take one from these losers if they don’t want it.

US Carrier Theodore Roosevelt Returns To Service
Four-year refit complete.

13000 year old alien satellite orbiting Earth
Murdoc was unaware of the Black Knight satellite story.

New Jersey Gov. Christie refuses to sign weapon ban he called for
Changed mind about ban on .50 caliber rifles.

Because, why not?

The end of the CMP?
At least it will put an end to all of rampant M1 Garand crime.


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