United Nations

So Much for the UN Charade in Syria…

If there’s one favor Russia and China have done for us all lately, it’s been to reduce the United Nations to glaring irrelevance in the Syria conflict. Due to these two, there has been no Security Council resolution proposing to deal with Syria, and it looks like there won’t be. Repeated emergency meetings and draft resolutions have all arrived at a big nothing.

Personally, Murdoc does not agree with the calls to disband the UN or to get the US out of the UN. The UN has a purpose: it’s a sort of club house for ambassadors and such.

We just need to remember that it’s more like the Delta Sky Club at an airport where businessmen get together for free drinks and chat than it is like an office where work gets done.


  1. Accurate description if you change it from businessmen/ambasidors to mobsters – I consider the UN to be an organized criminal activity, massive fraud under cover of diplomatic immunity…

  2. Sorry but I think your statement forgets something, what happen has always happen in the U.N.. From Korea onwards (the Soviet version of oops) the Soviet and other countries blocked military action to protect their interests. The United States should realize that to act a sovereign country is never easy in the world as we know it. Second using the big fist is not necessarily the right action. Image if someone interfered in the U.S. civil war. What was the saying, “never again”, but it is been selective applied over the years.

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