But doesn’t there need to be a story of some sort?

Fan interference movie already in the works

Revolution Studios has accepted a pitch for a feature film tentatively entitled “Fan Interference” and based on the premise that a fan hurts his team’s chances by getting in the way of a play.

Daily Variety, which first reported the story, said the movie is expected to star Kevin James of CBS’ “King of Queens.”

“It’s not clear whether a project like this would ever make it to the screen,” said one Hollywood insider. “It depends on if the topic can remain a part of the public’s consciousness as well as whether enough of a plot could be written around the incident.”


And why wouldn’t they get Steven Bartman, the actual fan who mucked up the catch, to play himself? He’s already proven on live national television that he can act. Like an idiot.

Also, the article notes that an official at a sports auction house estimates that the ball could fetch from $5,000 to $10,000 on the open market.

In related news, Jeb Bush has offered Bartman asylum in Florida.