Tomcat carcass recovered

Navy Recovers Mangled Fuselage Of Downed Jet

f14wreckage.jpgThe wreckage of an F-14D lost in March off the coast of California has been recovered.

The fighter, flying off the USS STENNIS, experienced engine trouble and was re-directed to a land base but didn’t make it. The two-man crew ejected safely and were recovered by a private boat. A civilian in the area caught the crash on home video, though there’s not much to see.

Here’s a more detailed story on the recovery, including information on the unmanned sub, the SUPER SCORPIO operated by the Deep Submergence Unit, that was used to locate the wreckage and attach slings so a crane could bring it to the surface. The first attempt to winch the fuselage to the surface was unsuccessful, so more slings, reinforced with old fire hoses, were rigged.

(The pic is from Army Times’ Frontline Photos.)


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