MRAP to Scrap

US military chops up $1-million vehicles

A lot of folks were concerned that the military was overbuying the MRAPs by a pretty significant margin.

It costs about $12,000 to crunch and dispose of a single MRAP here, said Mark E. Wright, a Defense Department spokesman. To ship one back to the U.S. and rebuild it to current standards would cost $250,000 to $450,000, he said. Selling the vehicles as scrap instead of shipping them home and refitting them will consequently save about $500 million, Wright said.

They’re too advanced for the Afghan forces to operate and maintain. Despite over a decade of assistance and training, most of their military appears to be at the irregular foot soldier stage.

Afghan troops are not known for their dedication to maintaining equipment; they prefer to run vehicles rough and hard until they break down.

Yah don’t say.


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