Murdoc back on the air

The day that Murdoc decided to start posting again, the hosting company messed up a plan change and took him out.

Now he’s back. Lucky you.


  1. P-39 Airacobra
    Female Soviet WW2 Pilots near a US-built P-39 Airacobra

    suggest this image is wrongly captioned and the a/c is a Hawker Hurricane

    1. You are correct that it’s NOT a P-39. However, I don’t think it’s a Hurricane, either. Note the chin intake. Ilyushin Il-2s had a prop shaft like that (which must have looked like a cannon hence the P-39 error) but the canopy doesn’t look very IL-2 to me.

      EDIT to add: It’s a Yak-1. A reader had pointed it out at the time and I said I’d fixed it but either I didn’t actually fix it or it became un-fixed somehow.

  2. Yeah right. That’s not what happened. I heard that Murdoc found a working time-dilation unit and jumped inside. After bouncing through the time stream for days, he found himself in 1985 Soviet Russia and accidentally gave government secrets to a Russian spy named Anatolia Rustakov after sleeping with her.

    When will man ever learn. That’s when ALL secrets get revealed. Murdoc, you pitiful fool. Don’t trust seductresses. Especially Russian ones!

    And then (so I heard) Murdoc ditched her for some woman from Checkyl or Slovak. Anatolis vowed on that day to make Murdoc suffer. “I will shut down your website on Feb 5, 2014, if such a thing as a website exists!” she is said to have exclaimed.

    Time has proven her threat to be true.

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