US troops killed by attackers in Afghan uniforms. Again.

2 US troops killed, 4 wounded in Afghan attack

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and four wounded in an attack Wednesday by gunmen wearing Afghan security force uniforms in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. defense officials said.

It’s not clear whether the attackers were actually members of the Afghan military or simply in disguise. The story notes that the frequency of “insider attacks” has declined since the Afghans took the lead in combat roles.

UPDATE: Afghanistan frees 65 inmates U.S calls ‘dangerous’

Afghan authorities released 65 detainees from a detention facility Thursday in direct defiance of protests from the United States, which said the men were connected to the killing of Afghan civilians and coalition forces.

The U.S. command says more than two dozen of the men were freed have been linked to the deaths of 32 U.S. and allied troops, have ties to the most violent terror groups in Afghanistan and were caught with weapons and materials for making improvised explosive devices (IEDs), according to documents obtained by USA TODAY. They were being held at the Afghan National Detention Facility-Parwan.

Sometimes attackers are dressed as Afghan politicians instead of Afghan soldiers.


  1. This is getting old. Afghanistan is long past the due date. The Taliban are coming back to power whether we want them to or not. The best thing to do is to keep as much distance between Afghanistan and the civilized world as possible, starting with not accepting their immigrants, or in fact those from the broader islamic world, i.e. Chechens.

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