Sarin gas and hot air

Instapundit notes a message he received:

Listen, if the Left believes that 7 soldiers out of 150 thousand abusing Iraqis detainees can sully the honor of the whole military, then this one shell is proof that Saddam had an extensive WMD program.

Fair enough. However, I don’t believe that 7 (or 70) soldiers out of 150,000 can sully the honor of the whole military or our invasion of Iraq, so I also don’t believe that this one shell is proof of anything.

Just as the 7 (or 70) soldiers who committed the abuse at Abu Ghraib might indicate a larger problem within the US military, the intelligence groups, or America at large, the chemical shell used to construct an improvised explosive device might indicate a larger program or plot concerning Iraqi WMDs. Or, like the the 7 (or 70) abusive soldiers in that prison, it might just be an aberration.

Talk softly, and let the other side carry on like a big dipstick.