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Go at throttle up.


  1. A very bizarre day for me, that was. I was working the night shift at a wings place in Burlington VT, so rolled home around 2AM most nights. After 8-10 hours of work I’d need about 2 hours of TV and beer to go to sleep.

    I gradually became aware of the insistent ringing of the old-school Bell telephone (who needed an answering machine in 1986). I picked up the phone, mumbled something incoherent, and was met by my younger sister (a UVM student) with “space shuttle”, “explosion”, and “turn on your TV”. Well, after an hour or so of the exact same replay it was obvious that there would be nothing definitive for a very long time, so I caught another 2 hours of sleep or so.

    Had to work that night and, though business was slow that night (wonder why?), everyone who did order was watching the same damn replays that had been on for hours. I know it was in bad taste, but that night it got to the point where if I delivered an order at just the right time, I’d get the cash for the order and within 2-5 seconds be able to yell “BOOM” just before we saw the explosion for the 1,497th time today. Again, I know I was wrong, but at that point the whole thing had moved from aghast, to shocked, to ironic, and finally sardonic.

    I will never forget the gasps in the room during the subsequent hearings when Richard Feynman dropped a string of O-Ring material into a glass of ice water and then snapped it like it had been in liquid nitrogen. Perry Mason never proved a physical cause with such utter ease and authority.

    1. Was in high school and didn’t believe the talk at first. Finally saw the video and just couldn’t believe my eyes. Reagan’s speech that afternoon made me cry.

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