Turning left here, we enter the Caesar-Augustus memorial sewer

Donald Sensing received this note:

Dan Abrams of “The Abram’s Report” on MSNBC tonight called the internet “The Sewer of History” for it’s dissemination of the Berg beheading video!

When journalists are calling people names, you know it’s getting pretty low. If Dan and the rest of the “Big Media” would have done their job with the Berg story, this mad rush online for info and video clips wouldn’t have happened.

How big was the internet rush for pictures of the prison abuse? It was barely a trickle. Was that because no one cared? Not at all. It was because you could get all the pictures you wanted in the newspapers, new shows, and major media websites.

Sure, some (even many) of those searching for the Nick Berg video are sickos or just morbidly curious. But the fact that the deluge occurred indicates that the story wasn’t available elsewhere.

Who’s to blame for that?