“No lines anymore”

Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping has a post on Gen. Schoomaker’s plans for training everyone in the Army to fight, regardless of their MOS. He points out the “Every Marine a Rifleman” ethos in the USMC and that, in addition to the weapons skills, the training should instill some warrior mentality in the clerks, radar operators, and cooks that support the combat troops.

The Iraq War proved that the combat zone is enormous and there is no safety being behind friendly lines because as I explained to my son, there are no lines anymore . Every soldier a combat soldier is not a goal, it is the present reality; now the Army must train them accordingly.

If we follow through on this, it will probably have much more impact on our Army’s effectiveness than weapons programs like the Stryker and M8 assault rifle. It’s the people that make the Army, and the weapon is only as good as the man (or woman) using it.