Expended rocket launcher found near Atlanta tracks

A used, banged-up AT-4 rocket launcher was discovered near some railroad tracks. I’m surprised this isn’t getting more coverage. Airborne Combat Engineer writes

A dry-run test of how to sneak such weapons past the turnstiles and MARTA Police, perhaps?

MARTA is the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. ACE discusses some grim possibilities for bad guys with rocket launchers involving Atlanta trains.

Is it possible that it fell off a train car loaded with waste from an Army base? This just isn’t the sort of junk that you find laying around. Not to sound alarmist, but this could be huge.

I’d suggest that the last thing the bad guys really want to do, however, is to piss off Americans. Most seem to have more-or-less “gotten over” 9/11 and aren’t interested in considering Iraq to be part of the War on Terror. Why would they want to mess with the current equilibrium?

Of course, why would they want to release the Nick Berg video?


  1. Thanks for the link, Sir. I’d like to see this story make the national news. As to your conjecture about it possibly falling off a train: While many of the MARTA rapid transit lines are adjacent to heavy rail lines, I don’t think that’s the case at the station where the launcher was found. (I have no reason to ride that far west, so I’m not positive.) But, in any case, the MARTA lines (requiring an electric rail) are always separate from the regular rails, and separated from them by fencing (since customers can only enter the system at turnstiles where they drop coins). A special police force patrols MARTA, and at least one MARTA police-person is standing at every station 24/7, discouraging gate-running and crime. They are looking for suspicious activity. There’s probably a non-terrorist explanation for this, though I’m at a loss for what it is, other than a prank. But, hopefully the FBI is still investigating. This is probably nothing, but seemingly nothing things (like foreigners learning how to fly jets but not land them) preceded 9/11 and Pearl Harbor; and were lightly dismissed as just curiosities. We don’t want to be paranoid, but we do want to be vigilant.