Who in the administration is tight with Big Cucumbers?

(That’s possibly the worst post title I’ve ever written.)

Here’s a nifty table based upon numbers in an MSNBC story. I added a column showing the increase and sorted by it:

Pretty silly, really, though I must give them credit for putting gasoline smack in the middle of the pack. Whoever puts together a table like this has total control of the message the table tells. Apparently, MSNBC has it in for the cucumber cartels.

UPDATE: I’d be curious to see the percentage of change in oil refining capability since 1984 compared to the percentage of change in cheese processing capability since 1984. If cheese processing capability has increased MORE than oil refining capability as seems likely, isn’t it a little fishy that the price of processed cheese has increased more than the price of refined oil?

UPDATE 2: The skyrocketing cheese prices could lead to some brutal ugliness.


  1. Isn’t the script to the Cheese Shoppe sketch missing the bit at the end like ‘I’m going to ask you again, and if you say no, I’m going to shoot you.’ or something like that? What kind of shoddy web sites are you sending us to???

  2. If my memory serves, this is the version of the sketch that is on the Monty Python Instant Record Collection. I noticed that when I linked to it, and I’ve often (well, not THAT often) wondered about the difference between the versions. I could be wrong, but I do know that the Instant Record Collection version is different from the Flying Circus version. In any event, don’t try to split hairs about extraneous details like that when the question of cheese processing capacity remains unanswered.

  3. The average US price of gas today is $2.01 and climbing to an expected $3.00 in June, so they’ll have to pick other items to get gas back to the middle of the chart. The sales of the large SUVs are off by 15%.

  4. Looking again, I could be wrong. It seems to me that in the Instant Record Collection version of the sketch, Cleese says ‘I don’t care how FUCKING runny it is’ when talking about the Camembert. In this transcript he says ‘excrementally runny.’ Someone needs to investigate this…

  5. Still, even at 3.00$ a gallon, it’s cheap compared to Europe and many other (non mid-east) countries. I don’t confess to know why the US has been able to keep oil/gas prices so low. But it is catching up with us. Already, SUV prices and sales are dropping, cars with an average MPG of 25+ are rising… Hopefully, the trend continues. The market usually does adjust for overconsumption. The interesting thing for me though, is that energy speculators didnt think an adjustment would come until gas was 4.00$ a gallon, and here we are seeing an adjustment at ~ 2.00$. Might have to rethink future economic models because of this.

  6. I don’t confess to know why the US has been able to keep oil/gas prices so low. One of my learned colleagues claims it’s because we invade middle Eastern countries and take their oil. Facts are not allowed when discussing this situation with him.

  7. Shoddy? Shoddy? Well, OK, it’s a fair cop. I can’t actually remember the source I used for this. Although my site claims that it is the version that was broadcast in Episode 33 of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, both the beginning and the end do not agree with my copy of All the Words. I think Murdoc must be right that this is the record version rather than the TV version. I apologize for the inconvenience. Although, actually, I prefer this version to the TV version, which is probably why I decided to use it when I put the page together 10+ years ago.