A thought just struck me

This weekend I was talking with a friend about the nations that support the United States and those that oppose us. France, of course, and several other countries were at the middle of our conversation.

One point I made is that once upon a time many of the best and brightest in Europe crossed the ocean to live in America. This was, I believe, a fourteen-point swing. Not only did America benefit greatly from an influx of great minds and hard workers, but Europe, already teetering on the verge of stagnation, sank even lower into its swamp of mediocrity and decadence. I think they’re still pissed.

As the years have rolled by, though, much of America has shown a tendency to drift toward the European model of civilization. Large segments of our population seem to be enthralled by the European mentality and the UN-worshiping nationalist-less outlook.

If we built a couple of big steamships and paid for one-way tickets in steerage class, do you think we could encourage a sort of mass emigration to send those that are, underneath it all, really Europeans in American’s clothing back? Those folks obviously aren’t happy here.

I’m not for kicking anyone out, mind you. I’m just wondering if it might not be in America’s best interest to help a good percentage of her citizens on their way to the greener grass.


  1. I can’t believe I’m actually posting this, but- Who decides what a ‘Real American’ is? there are a lot of details needed to even really debate the concept here.

  2. Wow! The return of the Mystery Poster! Actually, I’m not really trying to debate the concept at all. And I don’t have a detailed answer of what a ‘Real American’ is, since there are so many possibilities. What I’m getting at is that a lot of people sacrificed a lot to cross the Atlantic to escape Europe, but that many things most Americans would consider to be European ideals seem to be gaining strength on this side of the pond. At least in some circles. Instead of working so hard to make America more like Europe, why can’t those that want a New Europe-ish America head back to get the real thing? I don’t really have a point other than I think it’s sad that America became great because it was different than Europe, but so many people seem to be trying to remake America in Europe’s image. That more or less defeats the reason for America in the first place.

  3. But when ‘we’ left Europe, weren’t we looking for religious freedom , freedom from overbearing government and a right to due process?