It ain’t just a river in Egypt

Murdoc Online is ON THE MAP.

Politburo Diktat has put together a detailed map of Kablogh, the Holy City of Blogistan. In the words of the Commissar:

War has been raging in Kablogh, the holy city of the Ri’ight sect.

Many prominent neighborhoods and locations holy to the Ri’ight are identified and linked to. Missed by yours truly earlier is the Murdokh River, which flows past the French Embassy, Simon Stadium, the Ministry of Luv, the Vodka Mosque, Skillzy Bazaar, and the Zeyad Hotel before emptying into DGCI Lake south of the city. Or maybe the Murdokh flows uphill in Blogistan. Who the hell knows?

In any event, I am truly honored to be among such great company.