Don’t over-correct

The Strategy Page article about the Chinese sub-building program was posted on Free Republic a few days ago, and the card-carrying members of the VRWC sounded off on the subject. A lot of good stuff in there, as well as the typical partisan fare you’ll usually find on FR.

Since I had noted the post myself, I commented and pointed out my earlier post about plans to possibly reduce our own attack sub force by up to a third. I wrote “I know that “Cold War weapons” are out of fashion, but they can come in handy when fighting superpower wanabees.” The Freeper who originally posted the Strategy Page story responded:

The enemy will come at us asymmetrically. It’s all he can do. If we give up the weapons that won the Cold War for us, he’ll come back at us from that angle again.

And he’s right. We have a degree of control over the tactics of our enemies. No one is even close to challenging us on a large-scale battlefield, on the high seas, or in the air. So they use car bombs instead of cruise missiles, suicide bombers instead of artillery, women and children instead of body armor, schools and mosques instead of stealth technology, and hijacked airliners instead of nuclear bombs.

But if they get access to the good stuff, they’ll use it. We’ve done a fairly good job keeping them from amassing armies, navies, or air forces. And we’ve been successful (so far) keeping them from being able to employ so-called WMDs against us, but setting off a small nuke in a major Western city or nerve gassing a crowded urban center is certainly a far easier task than training and equipping tens of thousands of foot soldiers or building a carrier battle group.

We’re now adjusting our strategies and tactics to combat insurgents and terrorists, and that’s as it should be. But we must be careful not to over-correct. If we leave any door open even a crack, someone will notice and make us pay. Dearly.

UPDATE: Picked up from a Freeper is this link to The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia, a summary of China’s current and planned blue-water naval strength. With pictures. This issue must be watched carefully.