Well, because they said so

Palestinian Militants Deny Carrying Out Attack on U.S. Convoy

The NYT is falling all over itself to make sure everyone knows that the Palestinians aren’t claiming responsibility. Lead paragraph:

If the bombing of an American Embassy convoy on Wednesday in Gaza was indeed intended as an attack on the United States, it would be a striking change in the tactics employed by violent Palestinian factions.

Maybe. But when a wedding party in Afghanistan or a market in Baghdad gets bombed, it seems to me that the Times jumps right on the Blame America First bandwagon. I don’t understand the logic that would believe the PLO types before it believes the Pentagon types. And during the almost apologetic Palestinian defense, there’s this:

The blast was perfectly timed, and it appeared to be carried out by attackers who knew what they were doing.

So, in its attempt to assist the Palestinians who deny bombing US people, the NYT is asking us to believe that a bombing may have been beyond the capabilities of the PLO types? Hiroshima and Nagasaki are beyond the capability of the PLO types (for now, at least), but, beyond that, I think they’ve demonstrated their proficiency for pretty much any type of bombing, and especially for the underhanded, cowardly type of bombing that this appears to have been.

One thing that’s not really pointed out, though, is that NO ONE wants to be blamed for bombing Americans, right now. Bad things happen when Americans get bombed. Real bad things.