Rick Rescorla

ricksm.jpgIf you haven’t read the account of Rick Rescorla, the soldier pictured on the cover of the book WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE, AND YOUNG and a security manager in the World Trade Center on 9/11, you should.

I’ve mentioned this post on the Mudville Gazette before.


  1. I’ve read the stories of the heroic deeds of Rick Rescorla in the Nam & the Twin tower disaster. He was one of a rare breed. I salute him! Rest in Peace Rick.

  2. Rick Rescorla, a true heroic Cornishman and American. Rick’s name will now go down in Cornish and American history and folk lore.

  3. Rick Rescorla was what men are supposed to be. Find out more at http://www.RickRescorla.com HERO A little clutch of veterans share a table in a bar, There’s a guy off in the corner coaxing tunes from his guitar. They watch the Hudson River as it rolls towards the bend And they talk of Rick Rescorla as a comrade and a friend. While out across the water, many ocean-miles away Within a Cornish Tavern by a sandy Cornish Bay, Another group are gathered, reminiscing as a clan, And their thoughts are all of Tammy, from the schoolboy to the man. And every head among them has a picture in its mind Which time and place and memory have captured and consigned, Now the pictures weld together until only one remains, Of a sturdy, selfless hero guiding others from the flames. It’s a picture which unites them in their glory and their grief, More eloquent than eulogies, confirming their belief That theirs had been a privilege to saunter at his side And in the way he’d lived his life had Rick Rescorla died. The veterans recalled him in the killing fields of war As a man whose potent presence would inspire and reassure, Just one among his brothers when the skies began to fall, Yet one whom they regarded as a father to them all. And now their eyes will moisten at the mention of his name And the sources and the substance of the legend he became, When mayhem drove the best of men to crave their mother’s love, He’d stand and croon an anthem to the gory gods above. And on that evil morning, so deceptively serene, Amid another carnage, just as callous and obscene Again he took the mantle of the sainted and the strong To save the lives of others with a blessing and a song. Between the Hudson River and the sandy shores of Hayle, Though eyes encompass differences of latitude and scale, All hands are linked together in the testament they bear, They are but Rick Rescorla’s friends, united by a prayer. By David Prowse – 2001 – WESTERN MORNING NEWS – Cornwall UK

  4. Cpt. Rick Rescorla was the greatest soldier that I’ve ever met from E-1 to General. Everything that I’ve accomplished in my life was a direct result of Cpt. Rescorla making me a man. He was the bravest, strongest patriot America has seen. I recall he was appalled by the shootings at Kent State University. His statement: ‘We became soldiers to give Americans the right to disagree and dissent. Men, always be aware of that before you ever give a command to shoot an American citizen.’ He loved the American constitution and stated it was the greatest document written by man in human history. Good night Cpt. Rick where ever you are. MM