Strategy Page Rundown

Strategy Page, as usual, has a bunch of good stuff today. All entries are for June 4, 2004. (Strategy Page really needs to get permalinks.)

Book Review of THE MARCH UP
I’ve read and written about this book. It’s excellent. This review by Andy Wagner is spot-on. Read the review. Read the book.

How Brigades Got Mislabeled UAs
The new plan for organizing the US Army on a brigade-centric structure is currently being implemented with the 3rd Infantry. Divisions will now be called “Units of Engagement” and brigades will now be called “Units of Action”. Yeah. Right. I commented on an ACE post in April:

I’ve got to say that I think there’s a lot of good in this new organization plan, though I don’t think the “Unit of Action”/”Unit of Execution” BS is really necessary. Everyone knows what Divisions and Corps are.

Maybe it doesn’t sound very “transformational” if they’re still called what they were called before they were reborn as a beautiful butterfly? What a crock. I fully expect the Corps/Division/Brigade terminology to last and the new UEx crap to fade pretty quickly once everyone realizes how stupid it is.

If D-Day Had Been Reported On Today

Chinese and Russian Spending Escalating Rapidly
Just more of the same. There is a reason that we still invest in Cold War technology. All of our potential enemies are not ragheads with nothing more than AK-47s and RPGs.