Clinton Portis gets his number

Portis Wheels, Deals for No. 26 From Ohalete

Clinton Portis, the running back acquired by the MO’s favorite Washington Redskins from Denver, made a deal with safety Ifeanyi Ohalete. Earlier, Portis had offered to box Ohalete for the number (which I think probably favored Ohalete – that is one tough guy) but in the end a more diplomatic solution was reached:

“I had to buy him a car,” said Portis, who this offseason signed an eight-year, $50.5 million deal that included $17 million in bonuses. “I’m going to let him use my house for a couple of house parties, and I think I’ve got to buy him a 12-pack for every home game. There were some negotiations involved.”

Ohalete, who has a one-year deal worth $628,000, took the No. 30 vacated by running back Trung Canidate’s release this week.

HE BOUGHT HIM A CAR? I don’t know if Ohalete had sentimental attachment to the number 26, but he certainly made out all right. Especially considering he’s making ONLY $628K this year.

See, this is why we’re failing diplomatically in parts of Europe. They whine on and on about morals and ethics and culture and blah blah blah. But really, they’re just after a new set of wheels and a couple of house parties.