How shameful

Quotes: A Nation Reacts posted a collection of quotes from folks reacting to the news of Ronald Reagan’s death. A lot of good one in there. And some bad ones:

Actor Danny Glover: “We all know Reagan’s legacy, from the Iran-Contra affair to the funding of the Nicaraguan military in which over 200,000 people died. The groundwork for the move steadily to the right happened with the Reagan administration. People want to elevate him to some mythic level; they have their own reason for doing that.”

Now, these statements could have been taken totally out of context. Maybe.


  1. Yes, I’ve heard several negative comments (mostly more subtle) last night and this AM. The comments by Kos take the cake: Didn’t these mothers teach them that, if you can’t say something good about the recently deceased, just don’t say anything at all. We have the rest of time for RR’s place in history to be clarified. He was perfect (Iran-Contra, bugging out of Lebanon, etc.), but I think he’s still a candidate for another carving on Mt. Rushmore.