Let’s have a Memorial Day/RR/D-Day 4-day weekend

Airborne Combat Engineer has come up with what I consider to be a brilliant idea:

Let’s make the Monday on or prior to 6/5 the Reagan/D-Day holiday, and let’s move Memorial Day to the Friday before that, giving us a 4-day weekend to honor RR and our vets, educate ourselves and our kids* about the importance of a strong military, and (incidentally) have an awesome 4-day weekend during great weather.

I don’t know how this would play in the world of work and school scheduling, but I’ve got to think this is a good idea.

I’d personally suggest adding the anniversary of the Battle of Midway to the list of things to be honored and remembered over that holiday.


  1. Excellent idea, my friend! Good pickup on the date! I like it so much that I’ve edited the ACE post to include Midway. When I find time, I’m going to look for all military events (involving the US and otherwise) which have occured between the 4th and 7th of June, just out of curiosity.