More McCain VP talk – but with a twist

Vice President John McCain

Ed at Nonplussed (Warning — Left Coaster!) posts on yet another McCain-for-Vice-President idea. As is typical in these scenarios, McCain figures to be the guy that swings a lot of moderates in the direction of his running mate and even manages to steal a few votes from the other side.

Except in this scenario McCain runs with Bush, not Kerry.

I’ve written before about the possibility of a change in VP’s for Bush, though I thought at the time that Colin Powell might be a good choice. I considered Powell to be a longshot at the time, and I think that’s even more the case now. I also haven’t been buying the Rudy Guliani VP talk, though I do think he’d be a great fit as Secretary of Homeland Defense.

The McCain-for-VP idea is a longshot for either candidate, I think. But I’d be all for him as a running mate for Bush. We’ll see.


  1. I’m hoping that Cheney retires and Bush gets a new VP. I think it’s a sure way to add some needed positive buzz to the campaign. Especially after he gets beat up during the Democrat’s convention. At this point in time, I think Bush is on track to lose the Presidency. A move like having McCain or Powell or just about anyone else as VP would add some needed life. Cheney needs to go. I hope the Bush campaign has come to that realization. -jdm

  2. I’ve been saying this for months now. Bush will lose zero votes by switching VP to someone like McCain. He will gain quite a few, at Kerry’s expense. This is coming from someone who currently thinks they may actually end up voting Kerry in November. Dumping Cheney for someone like McCain would almost certainly sway that vote for me and millions like me.

  3. Dumping Cheney for someone like McCain’ could probably be restated as ‘Dumping Cheney for anyone short of Osama bin Laden ‘ and Bush would see a net benefit. McCain is too moderate for a lot of hard-core Conservatives, but they’re going to vote for Bush no matter who’s on the ticket with him. Many of them hate (absolutely hate! I tell you) McCain, but they’d never vote for Kerry instead, and almost never refrain from voting at all.

  4. I’ve heard that McCain is still pissed at Bush for the Dirty Tricks they pull on him in the 2000 Primary. I don’t think Powell will serve a second term if Bush does win.