Twisted History twisting again

In today’s edition:

1981: Israel bombs suspected Iraqi nuclear site.

Does anyone really think that the Osirak power plant might not have been a “nuclear site”? I understand (though I do not share) skepticism about Iraqi plans to produce nuclear weapons via the plant, but Twisted History very clearly calls it a “suspected Iraqi nuclear site”.

Splitting hairs? Maybe. But irresponsible on their part.

Unless maybe I’m wrong. Let me know about any credible suspicion that the Osirik plant may not have been intended to be nuclear-powered.


  1. Osirak was a Nuclear powered station as the Iraqi themselves asmitted then. But the problem was the Iraq directed the course of enreaching plutonium for A-Bomb, as some French industrial figures admitted at a time. I think that this question is not the main issue. The main problem is why France has the right to hold nuclear arsenal and to give a hand to a totalitarian state and leader to achieve its own, and the whole world kept his mouth shut. I wonder why France, that hasn’t any survival threat, need that arsenal at all?