Let’s not get rid of too many hunters

Chinese PLA Submarine Database

Strategy Page has a great table put together by Sid Trevethan outlining the basic numbers and projected numbers of Chinese subs by class through 2010, as well as some basic capability information. Good stuff.

On a related note, Strategy Page noted yesterday (June 7 entry) that China claims to have incorporated Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) into its new Type-039 (SONG-class) subs. AIP is quieter than nuclear propulsion and greatly extends the submerged endurance of a diesel boat.

I continue to worry that the US Navy is going to cut our attack sub force by too much.


  1. What a lot of people don’t realize is that our primary adversary 20 years from now is going to be China. (not France) The Chinese are busily preparing to match us militarily while we’re busy arguing about the GWOT. -jdm.