DC quagmire

Latino gangs strike fear in heart of US capital

Isn’t that racist to point out that the gangs are Latino?

In the heart of Washington DC, two miles from the White House, Latino gangs are on the rise, ruling their neighbourhoods through fear and the gun. They have brought the problems of gang-ridden cities such as Los Angeles to the heart of America’s capital.


Last week, a shoot-out between gangs took place on one of the city’s most prominent shopping avenues, Mount Pleasant Street. One man was killed and a bus driver injured as more than 15 shots were fired, sending shoppers and pedestrians diving for cover.

First the odds of black men dying in Washington are higher than the odds of dying in Iraq. Now the Latino gangs are tearing up the “Pleasant Street Triangle.” I’m telling you, send the Stryker Brigade to DC before deploying them to Iraq. But only if the armor’s been fixed.