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Americans, Gun Controllers, and the “Agressive Edge”

Via James at Hell in a Handbasket comes this goodie about the ALIEN movies. Apparently, they went through 3,000 auditions of Americans living in Britain for the Colonial Marines and found two (count ’em) actors to pull it off. So they called the Americans from America.

And Sigourney Weaver tries very very hard to make sure we know she doesn’t like guns, even though she isn’t always very convincing.

I’ve got the 9-disc DVD megaset, but I haven’t listened to the commentary track for ALIENS yet. I guess this means it will be sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: I wasn’t clear on one thing. The 3,000 tryouts for Colonial Marine roles that resulted in only 2 hires were all Americans who lived in England. They needed to get Americans from the US of A to fill out the platoon. I’ve modified my post make it correct. Thanks to Kevin Baker, who wrote the piece, for straightening me out.


  1. I’ve got the same DVD set. During the ‘Aliens’ commentary she talks about how she hates guns. She also admitted to the thrill of firing a machine gun (the pulse rifles are just Tommy Guns in disguise) and hates herself for loving it….

  2. Thanks for the link, though I might not have made myself clear enough. They were casting for AMERICAN actors (accents) and the casting director was noting that Americans who come to live in England become ‘Anglicized’ (read: non-aggressive). Apparently they found only about two out of the 3,000 that tried out.

  3. Do me a favor: Watch the piece in and see if that’s the impression you get, because it’s certainly the impression I got. Hell, maybe they were just looking for American accents and ATTITUDES, and I just didn’t pick that up.

  4. I certainly will, but I probably won’t get to it for a while. Busy busy busy. To be honest, ALIENS is the next commentary track I’ve meant to watch, but I just plain haven’t got to it. If/when I do get to it though, I’ll drop you a note.