7th Stryker Brigade planned for Europe

Local Stryker brigades get boost

The House Appropriations Committee has approved money to fund an additional Stryker Brigade to be based in Europe. The medium-weight unit will be closer to probable hot spots and might be the main American ground force on the continent if plans to pull two Army divisions back to the US go through.

The Pentagon has been considering reassigning to Germany one of the six Stryker units now based in the United States or on the drawing boards. Two of those units are based at Fort Lewis [Washington], and the others will be stationed in Alaska, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

The Army has indicated it wanted one of the brigades in Europe so it would be closer to the Middle East and the Balkans. The brigades are a medium-weight, highly mobile force that use the eight-wheeled Stryker armored vehicle.

The new, seventh Stryker brigade would be based in Europe, meaning the existing six units would remain in the United States, said U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Belfair), a senior member of the appropriations committee.

On the surface, the Strykers look to be a good choice for stationing in Europe. Designed to be quicker-deploying than heavy units, this will allow them to arrive even more quickly to the front. I’ve got to think that deployment to Africa or the Middle East would be pretty fast.

But do we really know how well the Stryker has performed so far in Iraq? The results have looked good so far, to be sure. But they haven’t really been in the line of fire very often. I personally don’t know that we should be planning on expanding the original plan for six brigades only a few months after the initial deployment of the first and before four of them are even activated.

Not specified is whether this would be a new unit or a refit of an existing brigade. Also, this is just the first step in approval for the plan. There is a long way to go before the budget is approved.


  1. I can think of a lot of places I’d rather they stationed the unit than Germany. Still, it’s cool to see congress supporting establishment of a new unit.

  2. The Marine Corps has been using the ‘Stryker’ (LAV)since the 80’s after the army rejected them. They are pretty much proven vehicles, and I’m sure quite improved over the older Marine Corps vehicles.

  3. so what brigade already in the states would go? 173rd? 25th id? 3rd brigade? or the one in alaska? 3rd brigade i hear is deploying back without strykers, does that mean that they could be open to moving to germany with ease? sounds like a thought.

  4. This is planned to be an additional brigade, not one of the six already funded. Original plans called for one of the six to shift to Europe, but new plans call for an additional brigade to convert to the Stryker. The Defense budget signed last week by President Bush included money for the seventh brigade.

  5. Yes the stryker brigade in Iraq is returning without there strykers, thats because the brigade repalacing them is leaving theres behind and being signed over to 3rd Brigades Rear D. How would I know? Ive been preping our vehicle for sign over for the past few weeks. Then plan is to have 1st Brigade fall in on 3rd Brigades equitment, its already combat proven.