This could potentially alter my opinion of someone’s music

Promoter/activist petitions Springsteen to lead anti-Bush concert

Is this just bizarre or what?

A concert promoter and Democratic activist is gathering signatures in an effort to draft Bruce Springsteen for a benefit concert to oppose President Bush’s re-election bid.

Promoter Andrew Rasiej wants to hold the event at Giants Stadium on Sept. 1, during the Republican National Convention in New York, but said it’s contingent on Springsteen’s agreeing to be there, which he hopes would lead other artists to join in.

Fortunately, a Springsteen spokesman says the Boss won’t play.

A recent poll shows Kerry with a 46-40 lead over Bush in New Jersey, which looks good for Kerry until you consider that Gore won New Jersey by 16 points in the 2000 election.

I’d normally figure that Bruce would have nothing to do with this campaign, at least directly, but he has been very openly critical of Bush’s administration, calling for the President’s impeachment during a concert in October and lauding Al Gore’s recent near-meltdown as “one of the most important speeches I’ve heard in a long time” on his website.

The call to enlist Bruce is reminicent of the desire in both the Reagan and Mondale camps to use the song “Born in the USA” during the 1984 campaign. The difference today is that the downtrodden, bitter sentiment of that song actually fits one of the campaigns.

I don’t expect Bruce to accept the invitation or submit to the “draft”. If he does, I’ll be seriously disappointed.