Why watch hockey when you can get in on the action at the old ballgame?

Couple beaten at Sox game after objecting to cursing

A man and his wife were beaten up at Comisky Park US Cellular Field after they objected to the foul language of two men in the stands. The couple had their boys, ages 8 and 6, with. Both the man and his wife suffered broken noses and black eyes. The husband required six stitches.

[Roberto] Guerra said he was cutting through Section 122 near first base when his wife heard the foul language and told the Vicarios: “Do you mind? Our kids are here.” Then Guerra reportedly told the brothers: “I am a cop. Watch your mouth.”

Richard Vicario grabbed his crotch and said, “Cop this!” a Chicago Police report said. He allegedly punched Guerra in his face. The Vicario brothers continued to attack Guerra after he fell between the seats, police said. When Guerra’s wife tried to help, Fricano [the wife of Richard Vicario] allegedly attacked her.

At one point before the violence, a Sox usher told the Vicarios to stop cursing and called security, prosecutors said. Three White Sox security officers arrived and Richard Vicario cursed at them — using racial epithets, prosecutors said. He also allegedly spat in their faces.

The mother of the Vicarios brothers thinks that Guerra started it because he was from another section. She says Guerra “provoked” them.

When Sam Vicario was taken into custody, he punched the Sox security officer in the face. That particular Sox security officer happened to be an off-duty Illinois State Police master sergeant.

Sam Vicario’s head struck a bench while the officer tried to subdue him in a security room, prosecutors said. (emphasis mine)

Gee, I hope he’s okay. (via Michelle Malkin)