New Air Force Uniforms

Strategy Page has the pictures.

Personally, I’ve always though this was a better route to go, camoflage-wise, for the USAF:


  1. I thought it was great! Damn bluebellies get spoiled rotten anyway. Billion Dollar planes… they need Blue BDUs to feel like they fit in?

  2. Never hate the Air Force for being smart. When a grunt or a Marine is standing in a fox hole with muddy water in their ass crack it isn’t the airmans fault they scored higher on the ASVAB. Now that I have everyones attention, I am just kidding. In fact I think that our uniforms should be more standardized as we are all part of the US military. We shouldn’t be so concerned with looking different from one another. SlagleRock Out!

  3. Honestly, Air Force people are smarter. Only problem is, half of us are nerds. As far as the uniforms go, I get tired of ignorant people saying ‘Hey, I didn’t know you were in the army?’ You’d be surprised how many people cannot read a nametape. I like being standardized, but since people can’t read I’m all for the new uniforms. The eight point hat is absolutely RIDICULOUS though. ~Primetime

  4. I think the 8 point hats are awesome and the green tiger stripes are gonna be great. I am ready for the new uniforms to come out! It is true about being asked if you are in the army. It gets annoying!

  5. I don’t like the new uniforms at all. I wish we could have something with DCU colors, they look a lot better. Most of our deployments in the near future are going to be to sandy environments anyway, so it would make more sense than blue.

  6. They changed the new BDU colors from blue to the army colors, but they are still going to be tiger-striped. Also, the 8-point hat is gone, so don’t worry about looking stupid wearing that thing.


  8. We need a new BDU/Utility uniform. When was the last time you saw a tree on the flight-line??? However, the new Blue-Grey-Crap idea looks more like a bad Hawaiian shirt. I am glad they scratched it for more research.

  9. Good point, wingnut. But I guess the other question is, when was the last time you saw THE ENEMY on the flight line? The truth is, air force people rarely ever need to be camoflaged anyway, unless they’re running around with the ground-pounders. I don’t understand why a mechanic needs anything other than overalls.

  10. Well if your on the flight line I am sure with your blue/grey uniform you might blend in with the blue/grey aircraft. Who knows but I am all for the looking different than the Army and the not having to dry clean the uniforms at all.

  11. I like the idea to change the uniforms to the ‘DIGITIZED TIGER STRIPE PATTERN THAT IS A BLEND OF GREEN/TAN WITH A SLIGHT SHADE OF BLUE/GRAY.’ I’m all about style and I think they look nice, the blue/gray will seperate us from the Marines and the rest of the branches… I leave for the Air Force August 23rd, 2005 and I would love to see a uniform change by then..

  12. I think the originally planned change was horrendous. We are ONE military, but the AF is rarely in the mud and the muck so a slighty different ensemble is okay with me. As for the AF being a smarter force than the other services, I dunno about that. I work with ALOT of idiots!!!!

  13. You Think your AF BDUs are bad look @ what the Navys doing to ours! Thank the Gods I’m a Corpman with the Marines and I wear the Digital Cammies I wouldn’t wanna be laughed at by the Air Force!

  14. I love the idea to change the bdu’s to the new digitized tiger stripe. The new color is much better than the old one as well. I am only hoping that they are durable enough to last in the field. When it comes down to it every branch needs one another and I think some alikeness is ok.

  15. In my opinion, I think all branches of service should have the same utility uniform, including rank insignia. If each branch wants individuality, let them have their different service dress uniforms.

  16. Amen, Spartan, Amen! I just got a reply from the folks at Tiger Stripe Products, who are the ones developing the pattern for the AF Pentagon Uniform Board. The guy said that the ‘head shed’ thinks we don’t need a true camouflage uniform and if personnel need a camo or BDU, they will issue one from the current theater. What the hell does that mean? Are we to have three sets of BDUs now? Garriosn, Woodland and Desert? Seems to me to be a Fraud, Waste and Abuse issue of epic proportions.

  17. The funny thing about the new uniform is that there is no true design improvement such as mandarin collar, pockets on the upper arms, etc. This is purely a form over function design. Makes me sad for my beloved AF.

  18. Being from the old brown shoe army (Air Force 1957-1965) the uniforms of the present day, just don’t stack up to the older ones…we were sharp..the GIs of todays army and Air Force just don’t stack up..they are grungy

  19. No, the Blue, Gray, SLate Green, and CREAM! Cammies are a thing of the past. The current, 2.0 version was supposedly chosen by the powers that be to more closely align with the new Army ACUs.

  20. i dont know why all of you are bitching about uniforms and hats and all of this crap, you volunteered, and your getting payed, so if they want to hand you pink uniforms, suck it up, put it on, and earn your check.

  21. Hey A1C, your ignorance is showing. How many patrols, ambushes or other ground pounding exploits have you done in your Air Force career? I just returned from a little soiree in Panama where my troops and I would’ve stuck out like sore thumbs in the ne ABUs. I am a career, 23 year MSgt, in Security Forces, so I know of what I speak.

  22. If you get right down to it the truth is we really don’t need a new uniform now and we didn’t need a new uniform back when we changed over from the O.D. greens. I totaly agree with spartan and sarge on this one. We are all in the same military so we should all have the same rank and BDU. If you want individuality i guess having different service dress isn’t so bad. The new uniform is pretty much just like the one we have now except for the colors and pattern, at least the Army and Marines did an all around change for function as well as style. Of course since I work with aircraft all day everyday i’m all for flightline and other maintenance related personnell just wearing a pair of coveralls with rank on them like the Navy does when they are doing maintenance.

  23. I can not believe how many people are commenting on the uniform. Simple really, you’ll wear it because some desk jockey at the Pentagon got upset that the Army and Marine’s changed their uniform so now the AF has to follow suit. Here’s a thought, since the Army and Marine’s have changed, why does the Air force have to? Oh yea right, we have to be ‘stylish’, give me a break. As far as cammo on the flight line, if you need cammo on the flight line, you have bigger problems than the color of your uniform. I am in the Air Force and have been for many years, I spent most of my career ‘outside the wire’ when we have had conflicts. It is not the uniform that counts, it is the training. Maybe the uniform should stay and the Air Force should change the training to fit the mission as opposed to running to the Army for training like we currently are. One last point for all you AF ‘brains’ out there, you might be interested in knowing that the US Marines have a larger ‘tactical’ air force than the USAF and also those dumb Marine’s have more college grads on a percentage basis than the ‘Chair Force’.

  24. Amen, Old Salt, Amen. Hopefully with having Gen Holmes as the new Top Cop, the training and mindset aspect will change. before he came to SF, Gen Holmes spent 23 years as a Combat Controller. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  25. Tactical?…. and your point is ….who gives a … The reason you are not smarting off in Russian is due to our S-T-R-A-T-E-G-I-C capability. And yeah … Stats … really useful… USMC small numbers really twists your enlightening factoid … Col Mustard

  26. Gee Micheal, I must have hit a nerve. I guess some in the Air Force aren’t willing to admit that there are those in the other services and yes in the Air Force as well that take the battle to the enemy as opposed to sitting back in some nice comfy little air conditioned building. Also, in my 20+ years in uniform, I have never been to Parris Island and heard the Marines running around yelling ‘Green Airman’ yet at Lackland our own recruits run around screaming ‘Blue Marines’ so you tell me who is trying to prove something to themselves. You do not have to agree with me, just go to sleep and rest comfy under the blanket of safety and security that those of us in the Air Force who work outside the wire provide. Blue and Grey BDU’s do not provide us the cammo we need where the metal meets the meat. How yea, I forgot, the Air Force doesn’t like to think about that.

  27. Has anyone heard the latest rumor about the Air force scrapping the ABU and going to the Army ACU instead? That’s been circulating around our squadron all day.

  28. Nope, the Air Force isnt going to the ACU’s but is trying something similar. Its a digitized version of the tiger stripes utilizing green, tan, gray, and BLUE.

  29. I really don’t understand the concept between the new uniform other than branch identity. Personally I get tired when I have to stop by the store after work and almost everyone automatically assumes your in the Army. I understand the army and marines changing uniforms because they need more tactical advantage. I work on the flightline, I think that the best camo for us is a black jumpsuit with a yellow stripe down the center so we could lie down on the taxiway. Get this, the new uniform’s boots are a blue-green suede to match the uniform.

  30. Yeah, I agree with you, CrewChief! I’m a cop in the AF and I think we need a good all-around camoflauge, this new uniform is going to be a disaster. The boots are the worst part. They are going to be ‘…a muted, blue-green suede’. My God, what are they thinking!? Actually, I think all gray coveralls with a restricted area red line down the side would do nicely!

  31. I think the new ABUs are great. I prefer the eight point covers because they look sharp and professional rather than the army style bdu cap that many guys try to ‘form’ to look like a marine’s cover, anyway (and most enemies recognize these eight point covers made famous by our victorious Marines whom they are greatly afraid of). I would rather not have ranks sewn into the sleeves to be more tactical. Names and ranks can be on a removeable velcro name tag such as what is done with flight suits. We should have pockets on the both sleeves for easy access when we have armor on, or strapped-in to a seat, cockpit or parachute. This should be uniform for the Air Force. If airmen were being transported from one place to another and something happened to that event, it would be great that they were all wearing the same tactical uniform, ready to act as warriors rather than ‘I’m an dental technician and I don’t need to wear that tactical stuff because I will never be in that kind of situation (no offense to dental techs)’ – type attitude. PJs wear an altered BDU in the field similar to the current Marine BDU style, but they have to get it sewn that way (tear off the bottom blouse pockets and sew them onto the sleeves). They shouldn’t have to alternate between two different BDUs (one style for the field and another for being in garrison).

  32. As I read all through this I can’t help but think to some folks… Get over it! Being mistaken for Army is not an insult. I’m Colombian and get mistaken for being Mexican all the time. I don’t take that someone mistaking me for the hardest working family man on earth as a cut. Same should go for you. I’m prior service Air Force, – early out as a Tsgt, – and am now proudly serving in the Army Guard to finish out my 20. I’ll end up staying longer as a warrent officer in my fed tech job. While on duty in my Air Force I served in Panama before, during, and after Operation Just Cause. I was privy to the technology the Army uses. To those who cut the intel? You’re speaking out of ignorance. Rather than cutting on each other let us proudly serve together as one. Now about the uniforms…. The ACU is not only functional and comfortable but pretty good looking. I went out and bought a set because I couldn’t wait for the issue. Lotsa compliments. As for the new Air Force uni’s? Let’s hope they change their minds on this one. Because honestly it’s not the greatest looking one out there.

  33. I’m still getting my base pay, right? They can change the dollars they pay me with to blue too, just as long as I can spend those suckers. I don’t care if they make me wear a freaking bunny suit! Just don’t close down the dining facilities or the Airman’s Attic, and I’m good to go. We can keep the uniform we have now too for all I care. I don’t care if everyone mistakes me for Barney Fife, just as long as I don’t have to PT at 0400 or stand at parade rest every time a higher rank passes me by. Life in the Air Force is good.

  34. Ronnie! As prior service AF I feel sad for your higher ups. They’ve failed you. I took pride my uniform and my job. Heaven help you if you ever get stationed at Offutt AFB. You’ll be saluting more cars than officers. Now aim high airman!

  35. Im in the army and stationed on an air force base. We started wearing the new ACUs about a month ago and Im glad it can seperate us from the air force. But in any case, working here and seeing what the air force men and women do every day I dont know why they need camoflage anyway. They would look more professional wearing class B’s to work. That goes for security forces too.

  36. I’m a freighter. Honestly I now the odds of me actualy getting shot at are the equivelent of being struck by lightning, but I still dont favor being shot, I can imagine that it would suck a lot. I work on the flight line all day and I dont really see the need for us to be camoflauged. If I’m getting shot at chances are that planes are going to blow up and it didn’t really matter if they could see me anyway. And for all our boys that acctually have to dodge bullets, they should have something to conceal tham a little better than that. Come on what are they going to do take cover in the blue and grey sand!? They deserve a lot better than that.

  37. was looking at the new air force uniforms and I saw a picture on another site, did they get rid of some of the patches, because it looked like it had less patches on than the woodland bdu, and why are they still going to have patches sewn on rather than velcro like the ACU. When are they selling the new AF Uniforms, I cant find any, they are not on store, or that soldier city place. Are they even out? I don’t like the velcro, being artillery, in some countries there is nothing but mud on the field, do you get punished for loosing a patch? comeon Now, This is just a money maker

  38. Our chief showed up the other day in the new Air Force digitized tiger stripe uniform. And yes, they look like a 9 year olds pajamas. I agree with most of you that we should all use the new Army uniform which is functional and still looks good. Afterall, it’s about functionality isn’t it. Having our own dress uniforms for special occasions is still a good idea also. Now there’s talk about our dress blues going to a WWII style uniform with a belt on the jacket! Stop the madness!! And let’s not even mention the stupid Air Force physical fitness uniforms, who designed these silly, low quality things? Not me!!!

  39. Just to piggy back on some comments i read. I am a Cop in the AirForce At Malmstrom AFB, those who think that the Cops still dont do anything you are full of shit. We Have A Huge amount of Cops/personell overseas doing the same Job the Army and the Marines are doing, Not as many personell and that is becasue we have about 50,000+ less Infintry personell, We are over there doing convoys, building searches, and also teaching the Iraqi police blah blah blah, but i do agree that the new uniform is a waste of $ I honstlsy think the people who are making the decision to these new uniforms have never been deployed, or even ever been in a combat situation. We need to give our troops who deploy the same colors the Army/ Marines use in desert situations. Why cant we have a couple of uniforms one for desert, one for woodland, artic. etc… The new uniform would not be bad if you were on home station but thats about it. Ronnie you are a damn DIRTBAG!!! you are one of the reasons why the Air Force has a Bad name. You shouldnt even be called an Airman. You have disrespected all those in the Military and the ones who came before you. Fucking Dirtbag!!!

  40. I aheva real problem with services talking bad about our fellow patriots. I think it’s funny to hear that the post was percentage wise the marine’s have more college grads…no you don’t, that’s an outright lie. Unfortunately, the Marine’s deploy more often and this is their biggest challenge to achieve higher education. Does the Air force require higher ASVAB scores…yes it does…does it mean that we are smarter…no, but it shows we expect more intelligence to join…hmmmm. I agree we all really don’t need different uniforms, but each service does things to their uniform to be be different and update. So let’s not try to point fingers. No one like the the kid that points the finger, yet commits the same deed. We each have a job to do and chose our ervice based on what we wanted to achieve and experience. I’ve had member’s from the Army and the Marine’s realize the life they pictured for themselves isn’t what came. We may be spoiled as some say compared to the housing and meals that you receive. When you stay in really nice hotel some say, ‘Wow, this is great!’ And other exclaim, ‘What a bunch of uppity snobs!’ I think this is a jealousy issue with what is given or received by Air Force member’s. Enjoy your life don’t complain about others, it shows a lack of substance in your person.