Spirit of America


Remember Spirit of America? The organization that wanted to raise money to equip some small television stations in Iraq at the request of the USMC? They needed $86,000. They received $1,248,967.

That’s not a misprint. Over 1.2 million dollars.

That means there’s a little extra money laying around.

I received an email asking what I want done with the 90.1% of my donation that they didn’t need for the al Anbar television project. I could choose between unrestricted use, media-related use in Iraq and Afghanistan, use only to operate the al Anbar television stations, or a refund.

I chose media-related use.

Am I the only one blown away by this?

And it’s entirely possible that the al Anbar province is receiving better television programing than the US is.

By the way…This happened because of the blogoshpere.