I knew I should have posted about it last night

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a story on MSNBC.com that predicted huge (HUGE, I tell you!) job growth numbers for June.

I almost posted last night to expect numbers much, much lower. I didn’t, and today we get


Now, I’m just thinking out loud here. (What am I talking about? That’s what this entire site is for!) But what if someone wanted to make 112,000 new jobs sound like a bad thing? How could you spin that so that it didn’t help Bush?

Tell folks to expect 260,000 new jobs instead.

What? Only 112,000 stinking jobs? Unemployment didn’t even go down!

Sure, I was expecting more jobs than 112,000. But what do I know? I just read the news. And if I only read the news and didn’t think much about it, I’d probably be disappointed by a measly 112,000 new jobs in June.

But I do think about it. At least a bit. And I realize that Bush’s opponents are going to have to work pretty hard to convince folks that 112,000 new jobs is a bad thing. I also realize they’ll give it the old college try.