I don’t think I want to know him

Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts at Conception

The WaPo has an article on a interview given (free subscription required) by John Kerry to the Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald. In the interview, Kerry clearly establishes that he believes life begins at conception, that he personally is against abortion, AND that abortion should be legal and safely available. This is the quote

“Vatican II is very clear. There is something called freedom of conscience in the Catholic Church. You have to examine your conscience,” Kerry said. “I oppose abortion, personally. I don’t like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception. But I can’t take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist… who doesn’t share it. We have separation of church and state in the United States of America.”

So this means that John Kerry thinks life begins at conception and that Americans should have a right to end that life if their conscience tells them it’s the right thing to do. Since “freedom of conscience” as defined by the church says that’s okay. And the church doesn’t have any influence over the law even if it wasn’t okay.


Isn’t there a law against killing people? I’m pretty sure there is, I’m pretty sure it isn’t based directly on the teachings of the church, and I’m pretty sure that the majority of Americans support that law.

One thing I keep hearing is that “Americans don’t really know John Kerry yet”. I’m told that once voters understand who he is and what he stands for, he’s going to leave Bush in the dust. Never mind that they’ve been saying this since March (or earlier) and haven’t let up. The election is getting closer, folks. When’s he going to introduce himself?

Is this John Kerry?

There’s a pretty common cliché out there about Kerry trying to be on both sides of the same issue at the same time. It says he tries to be all things for all people. A common nickname is “Waffles” Kerry.

Now I’ve been assured by several Bush haters Kerry supporters that this cliché is not accurate. That it’s simply a creation of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Kerry didn’t vote against money for body armor for the troops, I’m told. Would the Silver Star winner who pulled men out of a river while under fire vote against money to protect the troops? We can either guess about it, or we can look at the voting record.

I find his voting record (when he bothers to vote) often troubling. And denials denials denials by his supporters don’t alter my opinion one bit.

Is the Democratic Party on the edge of ruin? Is this the best they can muster? Even if Kerry wins, it isn’t a sign of support for the Dems. It’s simply a statement about Bush. Ronald Reagan didn’t win in 1980 simply because people were fed up with Jimmy Carter. I fear that if Kerry wins (which currently appears completely possible though I have strong personal doubts about his chances come November) we as a nation will be adrift for four years.

Are the Dems waiting for Hillary? If so, they had better hope Bush wins this fall. Four years of Jimmy Carter-esque administration will ruin her chances in 2008. (Actually, maybe that’s why the Kerry campaign seems to be such a train wreck. The Dems don’t even want him to win. But now I AM starting to sound conspiratorial.)

John Kerry thinks life begins at conception. John Kerry thinks it’s okay to end that life.

What the church says or how you can interpret Vatican II doesn’t enter into it. Kerry says he thinks it’s okay to kill a human being. It doesn’t even matter, policy-wise, what his personal feelings are about the issue. I must admit that I don’t understand how someone who claims to have strong feelings about the issue yet fails to take the side of his conscience is very admirable as a leader.

The simple fact is John Kerry is either supportive of the murder of babies or he’s talking out of two sides of his mouth at the same time. Which brings us back to that unfair cliché about waffles.

They’re right when they say we don’t really know John Kerry. We don’t know him because he appears to be a schizophrenic maniac and we cannot pin him down on even a major issue like abortion rights.

And from what I’ve seen so far, I don’t know if we really WANT to figure him out.

I welcome any of the legion of Kerry apologists to explain how I’m wrong about this. The comments section is open.

UPDATE: After reading this over, I felt that I should clairfy my personal position on the abortion issue.

I don’t have one. At least not to the point that my vote will be affected by the position of the candidates.

I don’t know when life begins. I don’t even pretend to believe that I know. Please don’t comment or email me about this, since I’m not interested in discussing the subject with you.

My issue is with Kerry trying to appeal to the Catholic community by double-talking and clumsy sleight-of-hand “logic”.

I’m not the biggest fan of George W. Bush in the world. But I do not want John Kerry to be my leader.


  1. It’s possible that the definition of life that you’re divining out of this quote is more black and white than is intended. Afterall, there are several billion different kinds of ‘life’ on earth. The notion that ‘life begins at conception’ may not mean ‘human life’. No one argues that skin cells, blood cells and stem cells are living cells, but killing them isn’t tantamount to taking a human life. You’re putting words in the mouth of the speaker while ignoring the other potential meanings of what he’s actually saying. Sure, some form of life begins at conception. But it’s not illegal to kill single celled organisms, and it’s not the same as ‘taking a human life’. For the record, I’m not arguing whether life begins at conception. I’m just saying that you’re taking a very narrow-mind interpretation of that quote and using it to dismiss the speaker’s viewpoints as contradictory when they very much are not.

  2. Are you suggesting that you think John Kerry, when speaking on the record to the Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald and discussing the issues of abortion as related to the Catholic Church, did not mean ‘human life’ when he said ‘I believe life does begin at conception.’? Are you serious? While discussing abortion and his personal opinion of when life begins, John Kerry just meant ‘life’ as in ‘living cells’? If that’s really what he meant, it’s even less impressive than what I thought he meant. (And no wonder he’s chosen a trial lawyer as his running mate.) I don’t think for one second that is actually what Kerry meant. And even if it was, he certainly didn’t make it clear. He knows what 99.99% of readers will think when he says ‘I believe life does begin at conception’, and if he really meant ‘living cells but not human life’ he was trying to purposefully mislead. Very admirable.

  3. All I’m saying that I can definitely see him in his mind making a clear distinction between the two forms of ‘life’, while still believing that ‘life’ begins at conception. I’d like to see him clarify his position before I jump to conclusions and label him a ‘waffler’.