Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of a major crackdown on demonstrators in Iran. Some groups have tried to make it into a sort of Iranian Independence Day, while others consider it more akin to an Iranian Tiananmen Square.

Don’t talk about it, or the media may actually cover it.

Thank God (in a completely secular, non-monotheistic manner, of course) that the military shutdown of demonstrations before they began and the disappearance of protest organizers didn’t register on the radar last year. (The Cox & Forkum cartoon remains one of my favorites, BTW.)

Remember, many of those opposed to our operations in Iraq ask “If we’re going into Iraq (which doesn’t have WMDs) to free the Iraqis, why aren’t we going into Iran (which is trying to get WMDs) to free the Iranians?” But, boy oh boy, don’t cover the medieval fist of the mullahs or the public demands for freedom by the people of Iran.


UPDATE: I just discovered that Cox & Forkum has another cartoon on the subject for this years festivities.

UPDATE 2: Via Matt “Colt”, who’s auditioning Winds of Change, are some Iran headlines in today’s Winds of War. Of note is the fact that the Iranian military just concluded a major military exercise in southern Iran. When we conduct military exercises, it’s usually to send a message as well as to train the troops. Like, for example, our plan to “surge” seven carrier strike groups to Taiwan. I expect that Iran is attempting to show a little muscle to the new kids on the block and to her own people as the demonstrations approach.