Scratch one skuzzball

They are fighting a war and rebuilding a country

The Dissident Frogman notes:

We suffered 382 fatalities to date, of which one third were non-combat related.

At the risk of repeating myself, I heard almost daily on France-Info’s broadcast: “Yet another US casualty in Iraq.”

The Coalition is wiping out Saddam’s SS and the Al-Qaeda skuzzballs by the hundreds.

I never heard : “Yet another hundred of SS and terrorist skuzzballs eliminated in Iraq.”

And he points out that the price for attacking US forces has gone from $500 to $5000. Supply and demand, folks. In this case, the demand for attacks is probably remaining pretty constant, but the supply of attackers seems to be running down. Why isn’t anyone on the case of those terrorist skuzzballs for not planning properly for postwar Iraq? If that cost goes up any higher, terrorist skuzzballs the world over are going to need an emergency spending bill, which will probably cause the Saudis to raise the price of oil again to cover it. (OOOPS! Did I just say “Saudis”? Aren’t they on our side?)