Michelle Malkin notes the F/A-22


I keep meaning to really dig into this subject, but I never get around to it. I’ve written about it in the past.

By the way, I vote “boondoggle.” I hope I’m right, but I just cannot believe that our pilots (and planes) keep getting waxed in wargames.


  1. One point from the Indian pilots in our recent joint excercises is that they felt the American pilots are deliberately pulling their punches in order to gauge the Soviet fighter’s performances. They know they’re are not as good as the American pilots (they don’t have anywhere near as much flight time as American). And they certaintly know their equipments are worse.

  2. BigFire: I’ve seen those reports too. I hope they’re true. If we’re holding back in order to help the F-22 along, that’s a pretty rotten deal. But I can imagine that we’d also maybe want to hold back in order not to show our true capabilities. In any event we’re getting at least some F-22s, and I think that’s probably good. I’m not sure that we need more than a few ‘elite’ squadrons, though, and I’m hesitant to re-equip the entire USAF with them when there are so many other more-pressing needs in the military. I love the plane. I just don’t know that it’s a priority at this point.

  3. Well, since I can’t think of anywhere else to put it, I’ll do my idle speculation here. You know what I think they should have done? I think that, back in ’91, they (the DoD) should have cancelled the F-22 and combined the Air Force’s next-generation fighter needs with the Navy’s. To satisfy those needs, instead of asking for a new aircraft, have a fly-off between advanced models of the Tomcat and the Eagle. (With the Eagle modified for carrier operation, of course.) Winner takes both the Air Force and Navy’s business. And yes, I realize that the brass of the services would never have agreed to it, and Defense Secretary Cheney probably would not have authorized it. Still, it probably would have been the best approach.