Michael Moore is the American Darth Sadr

USS Clueless notes the maneuvering and rhetoric of Muqtada al-Sadr. al Sadr and his methods are then compared to Michael Moore and his methods. Den Beste might be on to something. Especially

It is rare for a political faction to be blessed with an opponent who is so charismatic to his fanatical supporters, so repulsive to non-supporters, and so vulnerable to criticism and caricature.

Without checking the post, you don’t know if he means Darth Sadr or Michael Moore, do you? Do you?

Go read, even if you aren’t interested in Sadr/Moore comparisons. The first part of the (typically) long post neatly summarizes al Sadr’s efforts and results and should be understood by all who are following the events in Iraq.

UPDATE: TMLutas at Flit(tm) isn’t glad Moore is becoming the face of the anti-Republicans. He has good reason to feel that way. Go read.