Operation .iq Freedom?

Free .iq Now

The .iq internet address is not available on the internet. I wasn’t aware of this, but due to a legal dispute it’s been frozen.

It seems that InfoCom Corp., the Richardson, Texas-based company that runs the .iq domain name, was indicted in 2002 for allegedly exporting computer equipment to Libya and Syria. In addition, the company is charged with sending money to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Until the conclusion of the trial, which began in Dallas last month, .iq stays locked up.

This doesn’t make sense.

The Iraqi people need and deserve the opportunity to have an electronic identity. They should be able to build Web pages, establish businesses and create electronic communities without having to borrow domain names from other countries in the region.

One way to facilitate the use of the .iq domain would be to put it in an escrow account until the trial is completed, so it could be made available now to Iraqis on a nonprofit basis.

Obviously this isn’t the end of the world, but it’s still too bad that .iq isn’t available. It’s just a little thing, so why not figure out a way to open .iq up to Iraqis?