Forgot these

Was looking through the inbox and realized that I had failed to post these slides sent by Robert Douglas of Backroad Blog. They’re from some presentation on the XM8 and two of them focus on the electronic battlefield sight.

XM8-1.jpg XM8-2.jpg Xm8-3.jpg
Click for bigger image.

Notice the “improved handguard”. That’s good.


  1. A civilian version of the XM8? What? My kid’s BB gun will probably be covered by the AWB within five years and you’re wondering about a civilian version of XM8? (Just kidding–My kid doesn’t even have a BB gun.) No. Not a peep. In the end, isn’t it just a fancy 5.56 thrower? So what’s the excitement for a civvified version? No, they’re not going to let you have those sights…