Expletive Edition!

The Bourne Identity: Explosive Extended Edition

If you already own the original DVD version of THE BOURNE IDENTITY, you probably don’t want to shell out more of your hard-earned cash for the recent release of the film with its “all-new beginning and ending”.

Apparently, the ending is only partially new, with the majority of it already available as a deleted scene on the original DVD. The beginning basically establishes the entire movie as a flashback. Is that worth $17.99 on sale at BestBuy.com, even if you get a ticket to the BOURNE SUPREMACY, which comes out next week? You decide.

But be advised:

Both the slipcover and keepcase art of this new edition of The Bourne Identity advertise that this DVD contains a “new movie experience.” After all, this is an Explosive Extended Edition of the film. With that vocabulary, you’d kinda expect a longer cut. Wouldn’t you? Well, no, actually, this DVD offers the same exact 119-minute cut of The Bourne Identity, and the extra footage—a tepid new opening and alternate ending—is relegated to the Bonus Materials section. (You can also access these low-quality, non-anamorphic widescreen scenes as you’re watching the film, by pressing Enter when an icon appears.)

Now, I don’t really have a problem with DVDs being re-released if they get a noticeable improvement, such as a better transfer, remastered sound, or extended/directors’s cuts, for instance. I’m a little more hesitant if the only additions are bonus materials, though if it’s good stuff and it’s a movie I like I might bite.

But this monster not only doesn’t feature an enhanced version of the film itself, it’s actually a lesser version because the DTS track has not been included. The advertised beginning and ending are not incorporated into the movie itself, and when you do look at them they’re low-quality and non-anamorphic. Granted, there seem to be some good new special features, but that’s not the way the disc is advertised and a lot of the good stuff (including additional deleted scenes) is already available on the original.

If you don’t own the original DVD and want to pick up the movie before the BOURNE SUPREMACY hits the theaters, there’s nothing wrong with this version. But if you already own the original, you had better want those featurettes BAD.


  1. Thank you. You are the first blogger in months to have provided a tangible $18 benefit to me.