Willful Ignorance

Thanks to the wonders of my brand new DirecTV Tivo, I’m watching this morning’s Fox News Sunday. Sen. Jay Rockefeller is being interviewed by Tony Snow. He claims:

  • The postwar phase in Iraq has been approached with “no skill at all”
  • When Bush said we can’t wait until the threat of attack is imminent because we won’t get a warning from terrorists and individual madmen, he really meant that the threat WAS IMMINENT and that people really understood that, even though that isn’t what was said
  • Even though he said himself that the threat from Iraq was imminent and that we “cannot” wait when he voted for the use of force, now that we’ve gone in and learned more about Iraq’s capability, Rockefeller would change his vote based upon the new information – this apparently proves that Bush was wrong to attack based on the information at the time
  • Although the UN “has not been helpful”, Bush is at fault for not getting help from the UN
  • The value of hitting terrorists before they hit us “depends on how much American money you want to spend in how many places in the world as opposed to this country”
  • That we shouldn’t approve the $20 billion for reconstruction until we see what the plans are, because it’s “indisputable” that no one has made any plans

Rockefeller refused to answer Snow’s questions directly in any meaningful way. Although he was happy to explain how what Bush meant was different than what he said, and pointed out repeatedly what the administration said before the invasion of Iraq, whenever Snow brought up anything that Rockefeller said, the Senator said that we need “to get past” digging up quotes. A lot of Democrats are just plain sticking their head in the sand about the Fourth World War. I understand the political games and the necessity, as a Democrat Senator, of attacking the Republican administration. But if Rockefeller’s appearance this morning truly reflects his beliefs, I question his loyalty to America. If he truly represents his party, I question THEIR loyalty to America.

We should stop terrorists BEFORE they strike, but only if it doesn’t cost too much? He was RIGHT to vote for the use of force back then, but Bush is WRONG now for actually having used it? Despite an item by item breakdown that many Democrats are criticizing, it’s “indisputable” that there’s no plan for reconstruction money? I generally don’t differentiate the two main political parties in US politics, mostly because it’s so damn difficult to tell the differences between them. But this is not open discussion of important issues. This is willful misleading and intentional ignorance.

UPDATE: FoxNews.com now has a link to the transcript of the Rockefeller interview, but it doesn’t seem to work. Here it is in case it comes up again.


  1. Rockefeller——Willful ignorance. I didn’t see the show (seldom watch it) but you’ve nailed it. Imminent threat, Bush said exactly the opposite. It’s troubling that they can get away with the misquotes. ***