That fancy sight won’t help with the bayonets

CAM-1A1 Camillus 1A1 XM8 Bayonet with Wire Cutters

At the bottom of the page:

xm8bayonet.jpgDesigned by Bob Terzuola for the XM8 Next Generation Battle Rifle, the CAM-1A1 is a radically advanced bayonet design. Featuring a wickedly sharp, double edged, 7.5″ spear point blade made of thick 0170-6C and dual molded handles with comfort grips, the XM8 Bayonet is simply incredible to hold. The low noise sheath offers a built in sharpening hone and removable wire / fence cutters. Mounts on any US standard bayonet mount rifle.

A reader sent me the link and the pic. Thanks!

List price is $350, but you can have this baby for only $235 if you order now. And save even more when you buy in bulk!

UPDATE: Here are a couple more photos:

cam1a1a.jpg cam1a1b.jpg


  1. Kool, but IMO the wire cutter should be built into the blade, so soldiers charging over barbed wire could simply slip the slot in the blade over the wire and yank the rifle to cut the wire. BTW, check the ACE blog for news that the $26Mil for initial XM8 production was cut from the 2005 military appropriations bill at the last minute.

  2. ACE: I agree with your opinion on the wire cutter, though I can see where a separate cutter might come in handy at times, as well. And I did see that the production money had been cut, but didn’t get around to really investigating or posting about it. Good work.

  3. I have held one of the cool looking bayonets and they are heavy, about 2lbs. that is alot of weight in front of the barrel.

  4. A bayonet must be a good utility/fighting knife. This knife seems to be OK. It however is too big and heavy. If a sharpening stone is needed it can be carried in the ruck. If wirecutters are needed they can be carried seperately. Wirecutters on the bayonet generally suck anyway. The M7 bayonet was made with poor quality steel prone to rust. The blade was difficult to sharpen due to it’s thickness. Most soldiers prefer to carry a different knife unless ordered to carry the bayonet. The M9 bayonet is too big and heavy. The blade is too thick and made of too hard a steel. It is extremely difficult to sharpen and the blade breaks before bending. I never carried one unless ordered to…..So basicly all the bayonets fall into 2 categories 1. inferior quality. 2. too big and heavy. If they took a Kbar with the blade shaped Hard sheath like the original USN version in WWII, gave it Bayonet hardware of the M7, made it out of stainless steel, and gave it a half sharp spear point instead of the bowie shape blade they would have a winner. No extra gadgets or bullshit the soldier doesn’t need on his web gear.