At last, we will have revenge!

Episode III title officially announced: ‘Revenge of the Sith’

Well, I’m assuming that this title is going to be more effective than the previous two.

Most people (non-SW geeks) who have seen Episode I don’t know what the phantom menace was. One guy told me that the “phantom” was the holographic image of Darth Sidious, since he’s menacing and a phantom. Let’s just say that the title wasn’t very clear.

Episode II, of course, had a very clear title, simple and explicit. Except that the clones didn’t ‘attack’. It would have been more accurate to call the movie “Clones to the Rescue” or “Defense of the Clones”. Let’s just say that the title was misleading.

Episode III’s title certainly seems apt. We all know that the Sith all but wipe out the Jedi, and that the Republic becomes an Empire. In Episode I Darth Maul told Sidious “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.” It seems a safe bet that’s going to happen.

(Unless Lucas made more extravagant changes to the original trilogy than has been indicated. Who knows? When the DVDs come out this September, STAR WARS may have transmogrified into an epic song-and-dance musical saga and Lucas will be there to tell us that’s “what he wanted all along but the technology just wasn’t there in 1977”.)

I’m not blown away by this title. Of course, at this point I’m not likely to be blown away by anything in Episode III. And that’s very disappointing.