But I thought that was a BAD thing to do…


Via Instapundit:

Rather than letting people protest near The Fleet Center, they are putting them in a camp….at least, that’s what it looks like. I walked through it this morning. The protester’s cage is about a block away, a maze of overhead netting, chain link fencing and razor wire will be the protesting area. Can you imagine if the RNC did this? It would be the top story on every newscast and in every newspaper….the left would accuse them of suppressing free speech! It would be compared to Nazi Germany!

But when the Democrats do it, nary a peep.

I’m not saying that protesters should be “locked up” and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be at this sort of thing. But I am saying that if we hear about it when the Bush administration does it, we should be hearing about it when the DNC does it. Let’s compare the coverage this gets this week compared to the coverage this same issue will get during the GOP convention in September.

UPDATE: Wizbang links to photos of the “Free Speech Zone” taken last week. Must be seen to be believed. What country is this?