Jordanian Firm Withdraws From Iraq

In an effort to gain the release of two kidnapped truck drivers, a Jordanian construction firm has agreed to pull out of Iraq.

Fayez Saad al-Udwan and Mohammad Ahmed Salama al-Manaya’a — who work as drivers for the private company Daoud and Partners — were kidnapped Monday by a group calling itself the Mujahedeen Corps in Iraq. The group warned the pair would be killed within 72 hours unless their employer withdrew from Iraq and stopped cooperating with U.S forces.

The weird part is

Earlier Tuesday, relatives of the hostages had threatened to behead the al-Ouweiss and kill all the company’s staff if the firm did not immediately meet the kidnappers’ demand to withdraw.

“We told the firm’s executive director, Rami al-Ouweiss, that if he does not comply with the kidnappers’ demands today, his company and the lives of his employees will not be spared,” said al-Udwan’s brother, Omar.

Al-Manaya’a’s father, Ahmed Salama, said: “We will chop off the head of the firm’s director if he doesn’t heed our demands to completely cease his operation in Iraq.” (emphasis mine)

Very honorable. I realize that the family is in a very tight spot, but isn’t that a bit extreme? (via The Command Post)