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“Shove It”

Expat Yank notes this about Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s outburst and Hillary Rodam Clinton’s enthusiastic approval:

This may work for Kerry. No one really likes reporters. Heinz-Kerry blurting out what we all would LOVE to say sometimes is not likely to do the “J.F.K.” campaign too much harm.

I think he’s right, since we all are sick and tired of reporters asking dumb questions. But the problem here is that many Americans will say “You go, girl” to the woman giving it to the reporter when she was clearly in the wrong. She said what the reporter said she said, and she hotly denied it out of hand. Never mind that she had just finished a speech calling for more civil political discourse. Never mind that the former First Lady, who is currently a Senator and potentially a US presidential candidate, is sticking up for her.

According to CNN:

[Senior Kerry adviser Tad] Devine said Heinz Kerry has been a great campaigner for her husband. “She’s someone who connects with voters, who cares deeply about issues. And the fact that she speaks what’s on her mind, I think it’s enormously refreshing. It’s something the American people want to hear more of.”

Kerry’s senior advisor thinks the American people want to hear more hypocrisy? More rude and dismissive answers to questions that beg answers? More flat denials in the face of obvious truth?

While I don’t think Americans truly want to hear more of that, I’m certain that’s what we’ll be getting more of. From both sides. But let’s watch Mr. Devine. If and when he claims some in the media or in the other campaign are playing unfair, let’s remember that he thinks that’s what Americans want.