There’s a reason I’ve been neglecting space

Russia to charge for space station deliveries

I’m all for capitalism and all, but GIVE ME A BREAK.

Am I remembering things wrong, or was the space station delayed because they couldn’t keep up their end of the construction bargain without a massive bailout in US dollars?

Maybe, if we’re lucky, NASA won’t be able to afford to cover the fare and will have to withdraw from ISS operations. If you think that would bring the US manned space program to an unacceptable low, I ask you to look around for a moment. Where is the US manned space program right now?

I was discouraged BEFORE the COLUMBIA accident grounded the space shuttles. This is ridiculous.


NASA aims to resume shuttle flights next spring, but efforts to enhance their safety may cause delays.

Gee, you think? I estimate it’s no better than 50-50 we fly a space shuttle in 2005.

At least I’m not bitter.


  1. I’m glad somebody else remembers that little glitch about hardware delivery times! As for the shuttle: The cost of ‘fixing’ has crept up significantly–again. My belief: There’s a better than 50/50 chance that it will never fly again. Costs of ‘return to flight’ are getting close to estimates for the cost of a whole new system, for crying out loud!

  2. FYI, a headline I saw today hints that the Russians feel they and the Euros should drop those darn Americans from the ISS project. Does that mean we should uncouple our portions of the ISS as well? Won’t leave much after that!

  3. As much as I think the ISS is a near-total waste at this point, and as much as I think the Space Shuttle is an albatross around NASA’s neck, I don’t know that I want us pulling out completely right now. Of course, worse things could happen.