But is it Atkins-friendly?

The First Strike Ration (05 Aug 2004 entry)

The military is developing a light-weight, high-energy combat ration to take the place of the ubiquitous MRE for troops on the move and unable to stop even to eat. It’s called the First Strike Ration:

Each FSR contains about 2,300 calories and weighs 12 ounces (half that of an MRE containing about 1,200 calories.) The FSR is also about half the size of an MRE. Currently, troops who are going to be out and on the move for a few days, will “field strip” MREs to reduce their weight and leave behind stuff that troops don’t like. This is wasteful and time consuming. The FSR won’t be in mass production for another three years. But the current tests have thousands of prototypes going out to the troops, especially Special Forces. In fact, the Special Forces have a standing order for all the FSRs that the army development crew can put together. At this point, the army is fine tuning the FSR, which appears to be the long sought palatable combat ration that works.

Read the Strategy Page story for a lot more info, including the HooAH! energy bar and Zapplesauce. Yum.